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Supercharge your B2B tech content with a content coach

Hi, I'm Rhys...

A content marketing coach with 12+ years of tech and agency experience, based right here in the Netherlands. 


I’ve worked in-house at Adyen, WoodWing, and CustomerGauge, and freelance for companies including Yolt, Onboard, MultiSafepay, Worldline, Referral Factory, Surfly, and WeGoEU. 

If you want to take your content marketing to the next level, I can help. 

You have a content marketing team already. But even a great team needs an edge. 


Over extensive experience in organizations of all different sizes and stages of growth, I have seen that no matter how well-oiled a content team may be, there is always room for improvement.


It may be that you’re creating lots of great content, but your distribution and analytics are lacking. It may be that your distribution is solid, but your storytelling skills need fine-tuning. It may be that storytelling and distribution are all fine, but collaborating with stakeholders and unlocking internal knowledge needs to be improved.


In short, no matter what you are doing, there are always ways to get better. 

It’s life coaching, but for content teams


A life coach is someone who helps you make progress in your life in order to attain greater fulfillment. Life coaches can help you clarify your goals, identify obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle.


Content coaching is no different. I’ll look at your team and organization, identify what I think are the weak links holding you back, and help you overcome them. And I'll be there to make sure they are executed, adjusted, and followed through as necessary.



How it works


1. Discovery: Every organization is unique. To make sure the biggest gains are unlocked in the shortest time, I interview your key stakeholders and team members to understand your goals, strengths, weaknesses, workflows, and where we can improve. 

2. Goal setting: Based on the research in step 1, we work together to set key goals - which may be around KPIs, improving storytelling, workflows, distribution, tooling, or wherever we feel the key needs are. 

3. Strategy and planning: I propose a framework and practical steps to execute our goals. 

4. Execution and iteration: As your team executes on the new goals and strategy, I ensure you stay on track, collect feedback, observe progress, and advise on how to iterate.


"I brought Rhys in to help work on content strategy, and provide guidance and feedback on content, and input on how to distribute it effectively. He has helped our eager but young team take a more holistic approach to content marketing, and provided valuable expertise to raise the quality of our content marketing overall." - Michela Toffali, Marketing Director, MultiSafepay

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