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Blue to Cream Gradient

A decade of B2B fintech content marketing experience for startups, scale-ups, and world-leading brands

Telling fintech stories requires a special approach. As a fintech marketer or founder, you want someone who knows how to work with you to create stories that connect your prospects' pain points with your product benefits. But also someone who understands the nuances of B2B fintech, including trends, the competitive landscape, and regulation.  


We've worked with startups, scale-ups, and established fintech businesses, in-house and freelance, including Adyen, Worldline, Link.Money, Aplauz, MultiSafepay, Monite, Yolt, Magic Checkout, OneLinQ, and Solvimon. Particular specialties include payments, open banking, embedded finance, and checkout orchestration — but we are always eager to learn more!

The process

You will be up and running in three easy steps. 


Understanding your challenge

What is it you specifically want to achieve with content? Or perhaps you want to do 'something' but aren't sure where to start. Scoping out your key challenges is step number one. 


Creating a strategy

Depending on what you already have, this includes defining your audience personas, creating your key goals, topics, and deliverables, and a framework to measure success. 


Creating & distributing content

Create content of all kinds, from website copy and blog content to white papers, social media, video scripts, or more.




Working together for the best possible results

We firmly believe that great things can come from small teams of experts working together toward a common goal. That is why — while process is important — we aren't going to come in and push a way of working or a preconceived  idea about how to get the best results. 

Rather, we want to truly understand your business and your challenges, and offer our expertise and strong opinions, lightly held, to work together to achieve something great. 

A selection of work

Some examples of content, including strategic website messaging, bylined articles, and dev-targeted blog content. 


Link Technologies is a US open banking startup that needed to bring its key benefits to life on its website, in a market where open banking is not yet well understood. I worked with the Link team to create the site architecture, key messages, and copy, and we play an ongoing role in blog content creation. 

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Yolt was an EU and UK-focused open banking provider. As part of the Yolt marketing team I managed all website, contributed, and social media content, helping to educate prospects and partners on the possibilities of open banking. The post below was ghostwritten for a sales team member, explaining the benefits of open banking payments. 

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Adyen is a global payments and embedded finance provider for enterprises and platforms. As part of the Adyen tech team, I launched the tech blog, which was originally created to drive technical recruitment. The post in the link below sparked a huge online discussion on Reddit while driving tens of thousands of pageviews and interest in vacancies. 

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The Content Flywheel has a comprehensive understanding of the payments industry and brings a wealth of expertise to the table, not just as skilled writers but as strategic thinkers who can guide content development, fine-tune messaging, and enhance overall brand positioning. Their contributions have been instrumental in positioning our brand as a thought leader in the payments industry. 

Alysse Guitar, Director of Marketing,
Link Money

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