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Hello fintech marketer!

Do you face challenges around content strategy, creation, and or marketing?


Perhaps you wish you had an extra set of expert hands to take care of an individual project, or want to get an outside perspective on your output, or need someone to seamlessly step into content creation without too much training or preparation. 


I’m here to help. An experienced fintech copywriter and content marketer with a decade of experience across:


  • Payments → Adyen, Ingenico, MultiSafepay 

  • Open banking → Yolt (EU), Link Technologies (US)

  • Embedded finance → Monite, Solvimon (still in stealth mode) 

  • Checkout orchestration → Magic Checkout (part of Scalapay) 


You can see my portfolio in the menu above, but if you need help fast, the best thing to do is book a no-obligation call with me!

                                    👇  👇  👇  👇  

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