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Helping B2B tech startups and scale-ups tell their stories.

The Content Flywheel is your partner in the full content marketing lifecycle for B2B tech companies, including copy and content writing, content strategy, distribution, and analysis.


But this is not just about us! You have a content challenge, and we want to learn about it. 👇

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First, let's talk about you... 👉 

You're a marketer, founder, or in a commercial role at a B2B tech startup or scale-up. Maybe you have a content plan in place but lack the firepower to execute it. Maybe you want to do 'something' with content but aren't quite sure exactly how to go about it. Or maybe you have a strategy and are already executing, but want to know if you could be more effective. 


Fear not! The Content Flywheel has your back.

Hi there

My name is Rhys Wesley

I'm a content marketer and copywriter with 15+ years of tech and agency experience, backed by a small team of hand-picked freelancers.


If you want to nurture, convert, and retain B2B tech customers through content, I'd love to talk! 


Now a little about the team... 👉

Behind me is a dedicated remote team of content marketers with extensive experience at a range of B2B tech startups and scale-ups. We can help you set up, execute, and fine-tune your content marketing strategy — or any combination of the three. Our particular specialties include fintech and martech, but we have a wide range of experience in other B2B tech niches as well. 

Testimonials? Coming right up...

Michela Toffali,
CMO, Sellesta AI

"I needed a content partner that could execute fast and to a high standard. The Content Flywheel was able to turn around all the key collaterals I needed in a short time frame, and to the required level. This is my second collaboration with this team and they have become my go-to partner for content."

Florus Wilming,

Co-founder, Onboard

"As a startup with big ambitions, we need someone experienced to quickly get up to speed with our solutions and industry. The Content Flywheel was a collaborative partner in helping shape our story and content for our whole sales and marketing funnel, and creating opportunities to get our message in front of our target audience on different platforms."

Alysse Guitar, 
Marketing Director, Link Money

"The Content Flywheel has a comprehensive understanding of the payments industry and brings a wealth of expertise to the table, not just as skilled writers but as strategic thinkers who can guide content development, fine-tune messaging, and enhance overall brand positioning. Their contributions have been instrumental in positioning our brand as a thought leader in the payments industry."

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