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Eight tools B2B tech copywriters use to write professional copy

Choosing the right tools can be messy.

With so many new options springing up, it’s tough to keep up. It also doesn’t help that most B2B tech copywriters hate evaluating their writing stack. Seems like too much work :)

But the fact is you can only reach competitive results through the savvy use of modern tech. So a big part of the ROI could come from the tools.

“Using the right tools differentiates the successful B2B tech copywriters from the rest.”

Unfortunately, struggling copywriters will always spend time to save money. Successful ones will spend money to save time. They expand the things that give them the most leverage.

Additionally, the landscape is changing with artificial intelligence. Modern AI-based copywriting tools are already changing the game.

Artificial intelligence is transforming copywriting

AI will not take your job; it’s going to help you do your job better. If being ahead of the curve is your thing, AI should sound promising. Any new or even experienced copywriter should embrace AI tech as leverage. What it helps to do is to replace a big portion of your work.

With that in mind, here’s a list of tools to improve your ROI and scale your operations. Let’s go.

Use Grammarly to produce error-free copy

Grammarly is the most convenient writing tool for:

  • Keeping a consistent writing style

  • Checking grammar and punctuation

  • Performing a spell check

  • Staying away from plagiarism

  • Tracking your progress as a writer

You get an immediate line of defense against an array of grammatical and style defects. It’s like choosing between a well-received copy and one with amateur mistakes. Plus, the weekly progress report gameifies your improvement process, making it more fun.

The free version is quite helpful, but the pro includes more features. The only minor con is the free version aggressively advertises its upgrade options.

Use Google Docs to create, store and manage copy

Google doc is a no-nonsense cloud-based online word processor. It helps create and share drafts with clients. You have 100% control since everything depends on the access that you provide. The option to track feedback and monitor edits in real-time is a boon as well.

It’s hard to beat Google Docs when it comes to simplicity and ease of use. There’s a lot a copywriter can do. The tool is designed to enhance the shareability of your copy (making it super-easy to work with your team members.)

15 GB of storage space for the free version should be more than enough for most. The only minor con is that you might see a few formatting errors when you export a document to Word or PDF.

AnswerThePublic helps you understand how people search

Here’s a powerful listening tool for generating keywords and headlines. Starting at a monthly plan of $99, AnswerThePublic empowers you to look at ideas on the fly.

Enter the keyword, and you discover the frequently asked questions surrounding the topic. The output is in the form of rich visual representations of the list of questions. These are the exact queries your audience is typing in Google.

AnswerThePublic nails question-based keyword research. Period. The only con - the free plan limits users to three searches daily.

Use Reddit & Quora to get into the minds of your audience

With a combined user base of 700 million, Reddit & Quora offer a wealth of benefits for copywriters. You can discover your audience interacting with popular posts on specific topics. You can also choose to engage with them as per the code of marketing conduct both these platforms enforce.

Reddit & Quora are free user-driven forums. You can keep up to date on relevant affairs to know what your audience anticipates and wants to read about. Then, you can use these insights to write for your audience.

There are no real cons, but the user experience is not something that some users find comfortable. Reddit, in particular, offers a poor user experience that’s pretty annoying for new subscribers. But if you’re patient enough to stick around, threads exist on every possible topic.

Google Analytics helps strengthen your copywriting research

Analytics won’t make lousy copy good, but it will make good copy great. The Google Analytics platform will help you gather insights and data to help you backup your claims. You can uncover reliable data and make swift progress as a professional.

Google Analytics (GA) is a free tool that provides demographic data on the people who visit a website. With a dozen reports, you could get granular about your audience. But most copywriters should start with the following three metrics:

  • click-through rate

  • bounce rate

  • conversion goal rate

The only real con - Google Analytics user interface is scary, and there is a bit of a learning curve. You are advised to start with basic metrics before moving to complex reports.

Semrush offers competitive insights for a targeted copy

Semrush is an excellent tool in the research phase of writing copy. Researching will help you find gaps in the market. You can create copy specifically for the needs of your audience that are not currently being met.

B2B tech copywriters use Semrush to study the composition of competitor’s ad copy. You can also know how much your competitors are spending on paid traffic. Semrush is a powerful keyword analytics tool as well.

At $120 per month, Semrush offers a wealth of information beneficial for someone focused on SEO copywriting projects. It’s recommended to spend a few days with the tricky interface, and you’re good to go. is AI at its best

What matters is results, and this is where is a hit. is probably the best tool for AI copywriting.

That being said, is still developing the core features. It doesn’t always produce polished copy, but you could still accomplish a lot.

B2B tech copywriters can use the tool to generate multiple variations of a single copy to increase conversions and revenue. Here’s a shortlist of use cases:

  • Engaging product descriptions

  • Click-worthy headlines to get more opens

  • LinkedIn ads

  • Catchy email subject lines

  • Analogy generator

  • Sentence rewriter

... and much more. starts at $49/month and offers a cheaper option than other similar tools. While the current user interface needs work, it’s still simple to navigate. But the low price makes it ideal for copywriters who are just starting out.

Copysmith can help scale marketing through AI-driven copywriting

Copysmith is a powerful tool that is designed to accelerate your growth. In many ways, it’s more than a copywriting tool.

For instance, you could generate an entire FAQ section for your business website in a matter of seconds. There is a powerful writing assistant to create carousel ads. There’s an option for producing long-form articles as well.

With a price starting from $19/month, the most significant benefit is value. If that’s not enough, the end copy will be original and passes plagiarism checkers.

The only con - Copysmith is still under development. Some early reviews suggest that it works well in some niches and not so well in others. It really depends on the use case.

Concluding thoughts

Secret tools? In this day and age?

Not possible. With the number of tips & tricks being shared on the Internet, you are most likely aware of most of these tools.

However, the ability to tie these tools to the business value is critical. If you commit time, resources, and budget to a new tool, your investments must be justified. That leads to an important question – what copywriting tools will help you produce your best work?

Determining the value of a tool is actually an uncomplicated process

Everything starts with the end in mind. You must first design the ideal outcomes into the equation. What do you want to accomplish?

Then pick a few of these tools that fit best with your goals and work. After you’ve used them for a while, evaluate whether you’ve improved your output efficiency.

Here’s a word of caution. Tools are not magic bullets. You need to be prepared to roll up your sleeves and get your head in the game.

With AI making significant progress, you have tools that work best as an assistant. They help reduce the time spent on writing excellent copy.

Pick one or two of the above tools and dig deep. One step at a time is all it takes...


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