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Artificial intelligence enables an environment where technology can think on its own. This opens an array of opportunities where the sky’s the limit. Many examples come to mind.

AI-based chatbots, for instance, offer magical customer support. Sephora’s Kik bot helps users with their makeup preferences. Grammarly, the powerful grammar checker, is another example of useful AI tech in action.

AI-assisted writing is the next natural step in this evolution

With AI writing, you push more high-quality work in half the time. Gmail has already started with this technology. Smart Compose offers writing suggestions as you type. This effectively means less stress and minimal cognitive strain for users.

The time is right to find a powerful AI writing tool and take advantage. Here’s one such tool that claims to have everything you want.

Enter is an AI copywriting tool powered by GPT-3, which is the third-generation language prediction software. The core technology uses deep learning to produce text that’s comparable to human writing.

But the question is, how much or to what extent it can help. Do you still need to edit your output? Is it ideal for writing projects that require a lot of research? Who is a perfect fit for? Without further ado, let’s dive in.’s purpose (or JARVIS) is an artificial intelligence-powered software. It uses natural language processing technology to create text-based user inputs. The purpose is to equip users to generate engaging copy for their marketing campaigns.

At the time of writing this blog, there were 50+ writing templates in their growing library. You can piece these templates together to create conversion-friendly finished marketing assets. That’s a large bouquet of readymade content solutions available to you.

So what to expect from can prove to be handy if you are a:

  • writer who wants to overcome writer’s block and generate ideas.

  • entrepreneur with no time and money to find a quality copywriter.

  • marketer who’s working on several online projects.

  • copywriter, blogger, social media manager… and the list goes on.

Curious? Let’s begin with the most important use cases for

The 4 best use cases of

Start a new website or activate aged domains

The cost of starting a new website is practically nothing these days. You can use to prepare the web copy in an hour. Then you can get your new site up and running right away.

Alternatively, you can activate an aged domain. Let’s say you have an inactive domain with decent backlinks. You can add SEO juice by publishing keyword-rich content created with Analyze the traffic for a few weeks and return later to improve upon the content that needs rework.

Blogging and content promotion comes packed with multiple templates to aid blogging and content promotion. You could generate an outline, intro, and conclusion paragraph for your blog.

When it comes to promotion, you have templates that work across all social media channels. You could use the “Quora Answers” template to answer questions in your niche and then link it to your blog. Generate “Poll Questions” to present an exciting poll and engage your community.

You can also post catchy “photo post captions” for niche hashtags on Instagram. You also have templates to spice up your social bios and attract organic traffic.

Cold email outreach

Cold emails work, but the personalization aspect takes time and effort. That’s where helps to add impetus to your lead generation efforts.

The “Personalized Cold Emails” template can help write cold emails that work in the real world. Just input some basic context like company/product name to include in the email. Inform about the tone of voice you need. Then let the tool take care of the rest. You could easily produce messages that get opened, read, and replied to!

Conventional copywriting templates works really well for paid traffic campaigns. There are powerful templates for Facebook and Google ads. You can produce several variations of ad copy in no time.

Remarkably, the templates are available for both headline and primary ad copy. Imagine the amount of time and money you’d save if you could generate the copy texts in a matter of seconds.

To give you a better idea, here are different templates in action

Please note the highlighted section showcasing the output.

1. AIDA - Let’s kick things off with one of the most popular copywriting frameworks.

2. Blog Post Topics - Generate engaging topics for a post based on the audience type.

3. Blog Post Outline - Organize key points to create the foundation of what you’ll say.

4. Text Summarizer - Let’s get to the key point from a small or big paragraph.

5. Company Bio - Here’s a company bio that’s ready to be published. You can choose between first or third-person POV.

6. Personalized Cold Emails - Cold emailing is serious business. churns out a readymade email message that gets actual responses.

With more than 50 templates, you’d find the right mix for your specific use case.

Pros you can’t ignore

  •’s interface is simple, intuitive, and clutter-free.

  • Writer’s block will not be a problem anymore. You can ideate powerful angles in a matter of minutes.

  • You save a tremendous amount of time. You’ll write more content in days than you have in a month.

  • Non-plagiarized content passes major checkers and tests with more than a 99% score. This is great for churning solid SEO content for better rankings.

  • is affordable at a starting price of $29/mo for 20,000 words. The pro unlimited plan comes with no word limit.

  • There is a significant improvement in overall ROI. You could test out multiple variations and complete content projects fast.

  • The ability to create long-form copy such as blog posts, video scripts, and even books.

  • You can produce content in multiple languages, which means it’s easy to reach a broader audience.

  • is designed from the ground up for teams. You can collaborate and work on different projects simultaneously.

  • Get access to a like-minded community of 15k users in a FB group to provide you with a support system.

There are a Few Cons, Too

  • There are times when you end up with irrelevant content, even when you’ve altered the inputs. Significant human edits are needed in such cases.

  • You need some patience and practice when starting. You’ll have to check for grammar and need a set of human eyes, especially as beginners.

  • The long-form content function can be pretty glitchy and produce unrelated output. With Google focusing on quality content, it is recommended to edit before you publish.

  • No API is offered at the moment. So, if you want to integrate the technology into your own product, you need to wait.

  • No native integrations specifically with other publishing platforms (like WordPress, Buffer, e.g.)

  • In its current form, you can’t expect to produce the latest content. If you’re working on something which requires an up-to-date history, do watch out.

Concluding thoughts is developed by the team which created Proof. This means the team is well-versed in dealing with tech that is based on basic human psychology. The #1 aim is to produce copy that increases conversions and higher ROI for their end-users. These are noble intentions, but some problems still need to be addressed.

In its current version, or JARVIS works best with topics and niches available on the internet. Sometimes the tool struggles with obscure or rare technical terms. So, as a user, you need to be patient.

For instance, many B2B tech niches are complex by nature. These are subjects that require deep expertise. These specialized technical B2B niches become too tricky for to understand.

Let’s say you want to produce a guide to help developers learn how to secure an angular application by implementing user authentication. Here’s what “The blog Post Intro Paragraph” template churns out.

Since it’s a really technical topic, might struggle. You might have to check the output for accuracy as well. It is safe to say that subject matter expertise is irreplaceable and will remain so for a long time.

The tool is still worth it for B2B tech copywriters (only if they know how to use it!)

Final word

When it comes to copywriting, cuts costs dramatically. You get solid results without breaking the bank. Plus, you’ll save time and energy. With a $29/month starter plan, you are all set with a powerful writing assistant at your service available 24x7.

But, it’s not easy to recommend this tool for publish-ready marketing collateral. At least not in the current form. High-quality long-form writing is a research-intensive process. Humans have an eye for picking insights that AI cannot dream of. So you won’t fully replace tech-focused copywriters and marketers anytime soon.

“Make no mistake: just throwing up to every content problem does you no good at all. You must have a clear goal of what you want to achieve. is powerful, but it’s a work in progress. It’s not entirely hands-off. This means you shouldn’t fire your existing writer.”

Natural-language generation tech is here to stay. The technology is young, but it’s progressing fast. does stand out as a product in a crowded space.

While it has its pros and cons, you’ll have to do some exploration to get it to work for you in your specific situation. Hopefully, this review will help you in that process.

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